Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our Home In Country Sampler!

Last fall, Country Sampler magazine came to photograph our home for a future fall issue of the magazine. We didn't know for certain which issue it would be in, this years, or the next. Last Wednesday my sister called me from the shop, and said a lady had called wanting to know if she could order a pumpkin hooked rug she had seen in her new fall issue of Country Sampler, so that made it official, we HAD made it in this years!! I was soo excited! I was dying to see how everything turned out, a couple of my online friends had received theirs too, and I then found out the name of our story, Some Kind Of Wonderfall! I love the name, that made me even more excited, I prayed my copy would come soon, the anticipation was just too much! :) The next day I sent Patriot to check the mail, and out of the mail box, gleaming in the sunlight, the cover of the new fall issue of Country Sampler Magazine!!!! I felt like Ralphie finally receiving his Little Orphan Annie secret decoder ring in the mail! "It's here! It's here!" Patriot came running up the sidewalk with the magazine, and he would not let me open it until he had gotten his sister to the table for us to see together, we turned the pages to find our home, and there it was!! Our house in Country Sampler! It was very surreal and exciting to actually see it in print!

Thank you Country Sampler, Bill Matthews, and Gloria Gale, it has been a dream come true!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Geranium LOVE And Surprise Makeovers

Or should I say geranium obsession? I realized as I put my summer decor out this year that I had gotten a little carried away with the geraniums. I LOVE red geraniums in the summer time, they compliment the colors of Americana so well, but as I walked around my little house, I realized there can be too much of a good thing. So I decided to revamp a few spots without geraniums, here is how it turned out. And yes, there are still plenty of geraniums!
I decided to move George and Abe from the master bedroom, to the living room for the summer, I really love how they turned out over the dry sink.
The pie safe, I forced myself to remove the geraniums and replace with white daisies. It worked.

Another spot where red geraniums were removed, the greens look better there anyway, right?

Believe it or not, this was the only spot that did not have red geraniums to begin with, maybe I should add some? Better not. :)

This summer has really been flying by, I hope everyone had a happy 4th! We have had a lot of rain this year, which my hydrangea has loved. I think this has been it's best year so far.
I am STILL working on Samantha's big girl room makeover. Slowly but surely, it is coming together, and I am really excited about it. Last summer Patriot had a surprise makeover on his room. I wish I had before pictures, he still had his nursery wall colors in his room of soft blue and green, and a hodge podge mess! He went away for a week to visit my sister, and we got to work on his room. It took us the whole week to get it done. And I will never work with bright red paint again in my life! He was so shocked when he came home to find his new room. I chose a theme he can grow with, and will always love, Star Wars!

Here is a sneak peek of Samantha's makeover. OOH LA LA!